Since it seems that the President makes up crisis by the week to avoid dealing with reality, I thought it worthwhile to start tracking them so we can remember what happened last week in Trump’s world.

Week of October 26th to Nov. 4th

    Murders in Pittsburg (likely fueled by last week’s Trump caravan hysteria)
    Bombs sent to Democratic leaders by insane Trump supporter. Trump denies involvement though he called for action against Dems for Caravan).
    Trump announces possible presidential override of 14th Amendment.
    Trump goes to Pittsburg against the wishes of the Jewish congregation.
    Continued to press that the caravan from Honduras was sponsored by Democrats, offering no proof. No mention of American failed policies in Central America.
    Stock market continues slide down. Trump no longer talks of how great the market has been under his rule.
    Catagory 5 Hurricane strikes American Marshall Islands. Widespread devastation. No mention of it from Trump.

Week of October 22nd to 26th 2018

    The Caravan from Honduras
    Announcement of Dept of Interior seeking to destroy millions of historical documents on science and wildlife.
    Two blacks murdered in Louisville by insane white man. News media ignores it for days.

Week of October 14 – 20th

  • Trump addresses annual convention of known “hate group”, Family Research Council “Values Voter Summit.
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