2013 Legislative Roundups

2013 Quick overview from Washington Environmental Council, who had a lobbyist down there tracking environmental issues. More to follow.


Additional good news is that Derelict Gear Removal got funded in a big way and the NW Straits Commission are apparently going to continue to manage this project. This was passed by a significant effort that was bought into by both Republicans and Democrats. We thank those legislators who took it on themselves to move this effort forward.

The 2012 Legislative Roundup is archived here.


One Response

  1. There has been a concerted effort to destroy the budget for environmental protection of Puget Sound this year. There are numerous posts about Senate and House bills being voted on this week, that will strip funding and protection for the Sound. This is being proposed by Democrats, so this is not a partisan issue. The Sound protection is being stripped away by those who court the environmental vote. Not the anti-environmental rabble.

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