Rainfall Report from the Chimicum Valley

Al Latham’s monthly report. Good news for our water supply.

Here’s your monthly rainfall report from www.cocorahs.org station WA-JF-1 located 5.1 miles south of Chimacum (slightly off Center) at 470’ elevation.

Gazing at the water level in the Chimacum valley you would think it has been wet.  And you would be right! Water level about as high as it usually gets.

Wetter than usual but actually very similar to 2016.

In January we had 6.45” rain with average being 4.3”.   Water year (Oct 1- Sept. 30) so far is 22.07”, with average 18”.

Port Townsend station had 2.34” January, with water year so far 10.36”.

Lake Cushman station had 23.79” in January, with water year so far 76.96”.

NOAA climate center prognostications are for a warm and “normal” rain in February.  Feb-April they’re guessing cooler temps and more rain.

Til next month…   Al Latham

Batten Down the Hatches- Storms Coming

Get your projects done while you can.

Powerful October storms expected to pound B.C. South Coast this week

A series of powerful storms is expected to pound B.C.’s South Coast this week, including Metro Vancouver and Victoria, with heavy rains and strong winds expected to arrive Wednesday night and continue through Sunday…. Rainfall on the west and inland areas of Vancouver Island may exceed 200 mm, while rain in inner coastal regions could top 100 mm, Environment Canada warns. Winds over exposed coastal areas may exceed 80 km/hr. (CBC) See also: Typhoon remnants powering storm heading to NW: What to expect http://www.kiro7.com/news/local/stormy-weather-ahead-for-the-pacific-northwest/455882825Morgan Palmer reports. (KIRO)


Patricia Becomes Strongest Hurricane Ever Recorded; Catastrophic Landfall Expected in Mexico Friday – Weather Channell

I know that many of us travel to Mexico frequently, and many that go, go to the west coast. What is about to happen there today is very terrifying, and if you have friends down there, be ready to help in any way you can. This storm is bringing winds greater than Katrina or Sandy. Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, Manzanillo (type in Manzanillo into Google Search and look at the photos of this beautiful little town that is about to be hit directly by this storm).  Upwards of 290,000 people may be affected by it (http://www.directrelief.org/2015/10/emergency-hurricane-patricia-mexico1022/). This is  another example what the scientists have told us of of global warming outcome, caused by our inability to wean our advanced society from fossil fuels. Stronger storms more frequently. CNN is reporting that, “Among other effects, El Niño has contributed to ocean waters off Mexico being 2 to 3 degrees warmer than usual”.

Of course, the west coast of Mexico is a place with many people who have never contributed to the problem of global warming, and are being made to suffer because of it.

The link to us is that we are also expecting El Nino to affect our waters here this winter, and likely some of our winter storms will be more intense because of it. Those living on the beach should be taking extra precautions this year. Storm surge and winds are likely to be much higher than normal.

A donation of whatever you can afford to the Red Cross or Direct Relief today might be appropriate.




Hurricane Oho threatens Alaska, Canada as it moves away from Hawaii – Star-Advertiser/Cliff Mass

Looking at rain, probably high winds and big waves this weekend.

Hurricane Oho missed Hawaii and is speeding away from the state tonight. But it could bring rain to Washington state as it passes offshore Thursday and it will likely bring heavy rain and strong winds to Alaska and British Columbia starting Thursday night. Craig Gima reports. (Star-Advertiser) See also: Hurricane Oho is Heading Towards the Northwest


http://cliffmass.blogspot.com/2015/10/hurricane-oho-is-heading-towards.html Cliff Mass reports. (Weather Blog)

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