New Year Brings New Protections For West Coast Seafloor Habitat – OPB

And more good news, as environmentalists and fishermen come together to finalize protecting one of the largest coastal areas in the world from destructive trawling practices, while recovering fish stocks. This has been a poster child for how to achieve a balanced approach to ocean management.

Regulations starting Jan. 1 restrict bottom trawl fishing on about 90% of the seafloor off Oregon, Washington and California.

Read the whole story at the link below:

Update on proposed offshore oil and gas leasing

Here is an update on the Federal Government’s proposed offshore oil and gas leasing program.  The Washington State “listening session” has been rescheduled for March 5th and a new venue.  The new spot is the Red Lion Hotel in Olympia, 2300 Evergreen Park Dr., SW.  The scheduled time is 3pm to 7pm PST.  This is on the west side of Olympia, not downtown.  Take the Decatur/Crosby St exit off of 101, cross over the freeway and then turn right on Evergreen Park Dr. SW.

There some parallel events at the same location that start with speakers at 1pm and a People’s hearing 2-7:30, sponsored by Sierra Club and other groups.  They are also urging people to go to the BOEM session as well.

Also, as a reminder, comments on the proposal are still due March 9, 2018.  They would prefer you to comment online, though they will take mailed comments.  For online comments, go to

Thanks to Andy Pallmer for the update.

Rogue wave hits Pacific Beach. Caught on video – CBC & KING TV

An amazing bit video showing a rogue wave going ashore in Pacific Beach last weekend is on Youtube, and has a bit of reporting on it, on CBC.

The CBC story is here:
A “rogue” wave inundated the coast near Pacific Beach in Washington last weekend (on 1/16/2016 — and it was all caught on camera.

Luckily no one was caught in the water at the time, but what exactly caused the “mini tsunami”? Called rogue, freak or killer waves, this phenomena has been a part of marine folklore for centuries. But rogue waves have only recently been accepted as an actual scientific event. Johanna Wagstaffe reports. (CBC)

KING 5 also covered the story, with a bit more depth to the story.



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