Volunteers trap European green crabs – PDN

The invasion continues. If you want to volunteer, you might want to talk to the folks at the Clallam County Marine Resources committee to see when they are going to be helping Emily Grason.

The invasive European green crab continues to keep a presence on the North Olympic Peninsula. The highest Peninsula counts so far this season have been on the Makah reservation on the West End, where 988 green crabs have been found, and at the Dungeness Wildlife Refuge, where volunteers have discovered 56, said marine ecologist Emily Grason, Crab Team program manager for Washington Sea Grant, last week. Those areas have had the largest totals for European green crab captures across the Salish Sea, she said. Matthew Nash reports. (Peninsula Daily News)

Volunteers trap European green crabs

Battling Scotch broom along Olympic’s Hoh River that threatens fish, forests – Seattle Times

The never ending battle with an invasive species we brought here…..sigh…By the way, I thought that a Times reporter would know better than to end a sentence with a preposition!

….Brought to the United States from the British Isles and central Europe as an ornamental and for erosion control, Scotch broom is a nuisance familiar to anyone in Western Washington, where it chokes pastures, roadsides, fence-lines and any bare ground it can get ahold of. Here along the Hoh River and in other Olympic Peninsula salmon strongholds, it is threatening prime salmon habitat. The plant establishes a monoculture that grows 15 feet in height, and each plant every year can pump out 12,000 seeds viable for up to 90 years. Wiley and tough as wire, Scotch broom quickly occupies new areas, out-competing other plants and preventing normal growth of native species. Lynda Mapes reports. (Seattle Times)


After the Tsunami, Japan’s Sea Creatures Crossed an Ocean – NY Times

The untold story  from Fukushima. While I’ve been asked by people about the issue of radiation from Fukushima getting into our food chain, there is a much bigger issue we are facing. It’s this one.

TOKYO — The towering tsunami that devastated Japan six years ago also unleashed a very different sort of threat onto the distant coastline of North America: a massive invasion of marine life from across the Pacific Ocean.

Not so mellow about this yellow: Peninsula petition urges mandatory control of scotch broom–PDN

Funny, I was just thinking this same thing as I drove along the highway seeing the fields of yellow this last week. It’s really out of control.

If scotch broom, the invasive weed, is not curtailed, it will spread into the equivalent of an agricultural apocalypse, according to a Kala Point man who has started an online petition for statewide mandatory control of the weed.  “Scotch broom’s growth has exploded in Washington,” said David Tonkin, a retired technology worker. “If we don’t control it, in five or 10 years, it will choke out all the other vegetation,” he said.

Charlie Bermant reports. http://peninsuladailynews.com/article/20130531/news/305319983/not-so-mellow-about-this-yellow-peninsula-petition-urges-mandatory

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