Fish recolonizing areas upriver of former dam sites on Elwha River – PDN

More good news from the Elwha.

Josh Geffre has watched with awe as salmon return to the uppermost reaches of the Elwha River. Geffre, a fisheries technician for Olympic National Park, started monitoring the fish for the park in 2014 and has marveled as he’s seen most species swim upstream of the former Glines Canyon Dam. “It’s very satisfying to know the fish are recolonizing into areas upriver of the former dam sites,” he said during a recent trip to collect data on the fish. “It’s exciting to watch them.” Jesse Major reports. (Peninsula Daily News)

See also: Elwha fish by the numbers (Peninsula Daily News)


Scientists tells of Elwha restoration progress during symposium – PDN

The PDN coverage of the first of two free public events during the four-day 2012 Elwha River Science Symposium. Arwyn Rice reports.

Scientists tells of Elwha restoration progress during symposium

And: More king salmon sightings upriver in Elwha

Return of the kings! Chinook salmon observed in undammed portion of Elwha River – Park & PDN

As the old saying goes, “nature abhors a vacuum”. The Olympic National Park have announced (and reported and commented on by The Peninsula Daily News) that chinook (King) salmon have been spotted above the site of the lower of the two dams that have been removed. This is the first time in almost a century that they have been able to reach this location. In addition to the Kings, Steelhead have also been seen in above the first dam.

The power of restoration again shows that once a place has been restored, nature tries and fill it, if the species still are alive.

The news bulletin from the park

Additional information on the story at the PDN.

KING 5 & Kitsap Sun Stories on Elwha Dam Removal

KING5 reporter Gary Chittim took his turn on the Elwha River story with his report on ‘World’s largest dam removal project on the Elwha River’ 


Christopher Dunagan of the Kitsap Sun had a very helpful blog pulling together a bibliography of some interesting scientific documents on the project, ‘Research divers to watch arrival of Elwha sediments’

The Latest On Lake Mills from John Gussman

John has been documenting the removal of the Elwha dams. Here’s his latest photos from Lake Mills

Elwha River reborn as landscape transforms

Seattle Times reporter Lynda Mapes took her turn on the Elwha Dam removal story with this weekend’s “Elwha River reborn as landscape transforms 

“The river, tumbling and even kicking up a little white water, breaking a century’s silence in the landscape of former Lake Aldwell. ‘First, the sound,’ said Brian Cluer of NOAA fisheries, surveying the delta last week, ‘then the salmon.’"

Video – Elwha River at Stage 3 Flood Alert

Check out John Gussman’s new video, The Power of Water, taken yesterday on the Elwha at full stage 3 flood alert. An amazing couple of minutes of video of the power of water.

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