2018 Elections

The Jefferson County Democrats voted with 2/3rds majorities to support the following candidates. After hearing these people speak, I can also support voting this slate of candidates and initiatives.  From an environmental point of view, some of the positions have little or no impact. I.E. Sheriff, county clerk, assessor, etc.

  • Joe Nole – County Sheriff
    • Joe works in the Sheriff’s office as a detective and is running against his boss, David Stanko. The Democrats and numerous people in the county are supporting Joe, but to be clear, numerous people of good will also support David Stanko. Stanko has done a lot of work in the community and is held in high esteem by members of social clubs and non profits he has worked with. Joe also has a lot of support in the county from people that have worked with him. From an environmental standpoint I don’t believe that there are any issues that separate them, nor any that they may encounter in office. The decision is around style and fitness for office. At the Democrats endorsement meeting passionate supporters of both Stanko and Nole got up and pleaded their cases for and against endorsement of Nole. In the end the fact that he had been supported by many leading county Democrats carried the day for him. The Stanko camp has used publicly available performance reviews to show that Joe is not well organized, but having given and received numerous performance reviews over my career, I find them highly political and worthless as to whether a person will succeed in office or not.  Stanko supporters offered me these documents for use in this blog and I refused to read them.  I find the use of them rather offensive and is a blot on my otherwise good experiences when I have dealt with the Sheriff in social services situations, along with healthcare advocacy for the jail inmates.
  • Jeff Chapman – County Assessor
  • Ruth Gordon – County Clerk – a very dedicated long time county employee who has a record of success.
  • Stacie Prada – County Treasurer- Another long time county employee who has done great work streamlining the bureaucracy.
  • RoseAnn Carroll – County Auditor – Same as with Stacie.
  • Rebecca Glasgow – Judge – Court of Appeals Dist. 2
  • Mindy Walker – Jefferson County District Judge – Mindy has the breadth of experience needed for this role.
  • Greg Brotherton – Jefferson County Commissioner (replacing Kathleen Kler)
    • Greg is quite new to politics but has shown a willingness to listen and learn. He brings a great deal of practical knowledge of the South County, and has contributed greatly as a small businessman.
  • Susan Owens – State Supreme Court
  • Sheryl McCloud – State Supreme Court
  • Steve Gonzalez – State Supreme Court
  • Derek Kilmer – Federal House of Representatives
    • While this county has had a lot of anger over Derek’s lack of results in stemming the Navy from expanding it’s jets and their noise over the North Olympic Peninsula and the boundaries of one of the quietest places on earth, electing his opponent would be much worse for the environment.
  • Maria Cantwell – Federal State Senator
    • Senator Cantwell continues to grow as an environmental supporter. I am not wild about her votes on military spending, but she is much better than her competitor.
  • Suzanne Hayden for District Court Judge
  • State Sen. Steve Tharinger – Steve, Mike and Mike have long track records of supporting environmental programs and restoration efforts. Highly recommend all three.
  • State Rep. Mike Chapman
    • Mike has done a great job in his first term, both initiating actions and listening to constituents. Re-elect him!
  • Mike Doherty for Clallam County Commissioner
    • Long time environmental supporter. His credentials are impeccable.
  • Initiative 1631 – Carbon tax proposal. VOTE YES.A yes vote supports the initiative to do the following:
      • enact a carbon emissions fee of $15 per metric ton of carbon beginning on January 1, 2020;
      • increase the fee by $2 annually until the state’s greenhouse gas reduction goals are met; and
    • We cannot wait any longer to take action on fossil fuel emissions. Almost every climate scientist on the planet, and thousands of other scientists, agree that climate change is a threat to our very existence on the planet, and that we have very little time to reverse the effects. The recent twin hurricanes on the Southeast Coast, Puerto Rico and Houston, forest fires across the west, droughts and torrential rainstorms are all outcomes of our lack of ability to come together and move to a fossil free future.
  • Initiative 1634 – Vote NO on this initiative.
  • Initiative 1639 – Vote YES on this initiative
    • A yes vote supports the ballot initiative to implement restrictions on the purchase and ownership of firearms including raising the minimum age to purchase a gun to 21, background checks, waiting periods, and storage requirements.
  • Initiative 940- Vote YES to support more training for police.
    • Washington Initiative 940, the Police Training and Criminal Liability in Cases of Deadly Force Measure
    • A yes vote supports the initiative to create a good faith test to determine when the use of deadly force by police is justifiable, require police to receive de-escalation and mental health training, and require law enforcement officers to provide first aid.
  • Advisory Vote 19 – Vote Yes to support oil spill response funding

Additionally, this blog is supporting the efforts of Tom Brotherton for PUD.

We also feel that having met both Noah Harrison and Mindy Walker, I can say that the decision to support either is not swayed by environmental positions.  Both candidates seem like excellent choices.

Likewise between Haas and Kennedy. Both are good candidates and environment issues don’t come into play on this decision. Check out their position on court issues and make your own mind up. With Haas, you have actual history in the job to evaluate. Kennedy worked for Haas, quit to take on a role in Clallam County (he did not move out of the county to do that), and is now running against Haas with a platform that stresses better management of the office.


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