2018 Elections

The Jefferson County Democrats voted with 2/3rds majorities to support the following candidates. After hearing these people speak, I can also support voting this slate of candidates and initiatives.

  • Rebecca Glasgow – Judge – Court of Appeals Dist. 2
  • Ruth Gordon – County Clerk
  • Joe Nole – County Sheriff
  • Jeff Chapman – County Assessor
  • Stacie Prada – County Treasurer
  • RoseAnn Carroll – County Auditor
  • Greg Brotherton – Jefferson County Commissioner (replacing Kathleen Kler)
  • Susan Owens – State Supreme Court
  • Sheryl McCloud – State Supreme Court
  • Derek Kilmer – Federal House of Representatives
  • Maria Cantwell – Federal State Senator
  • Suzanne Hayden for District Court Judge
  • State Sen. Steve Tharinger
  • State Rep. Mike Chapman
  • Mike Doherty for Clallam County Commissioner
  • Initiative 1634 – Vote NO on this initiative.
  • Initiative 1639 – Vote YES on this initiative
  • Initiative 940- Vote YES to support more training for police.
    • Washington Initiative 940, the Police Training and Criminal Liability in Cases of Deadly Force Measure
    • A yes vote supports the initiative to create a good faith test to determine when the use of deadly force by police is justifiable, require police to receive de-escalation and mental health training, and require law enforcement officers to provide first aid.
  • Advisory Vote 19 – Vote Yes to support oil spill response funding
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