The Drought and you -Tip #1

As we head into the end of July with no rain in sight, and no letup of the drought, there’s some common sense stuff all of us should be doing. I’m not going to bore you with PowerPoint slides and endless lectures. Let’s break this down into bite sized pieces. So here’s Drought Tip #1 – Stop watering your lawns. I have seen some of you out there watering your lawns, and I don’t mean your gardens or expensive landscape. There is no reason to be watering your lawn on the Olympic Peninsula in the summer. The drill is to let it go brown all summer, and let it go green in the winter. That’s how nature works with lawns. The grass will die back but come back in the winter. Trust me. I’ve been doing this for over 16 years here. For those living in cities here, like Port Townsend, you are draining your drinking and bathing water for your lawn, and there might not be enough by summer’s end for you to drink!  For those in the county, you are lowering the water table on your well, which may go dry as they have in California by the thousands this year.

According to the Grace Communication Foundation –

Irrigating a 1,000 square foot lawn with just a half an inch of water takes about 330 gallons!

That translates into a lot of flushes in your toilet,(depending on your toilet capacity) or emptying your hot water heater (50 gallons) about 6.5 times!

So unless you are growing food or expensive landscaping, let it go brown! Thanks.

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