Seattle ‘Kayaktivists’ Building Ranks For Direct Action Against Shell’s Arctic Drilling Fleet – KPLU

With the gigantic well sitting in our local port of Port Angeles, this story is front and center, though the real action will happen later in Alaska. It’s astonishing that on the anniversary of the BP Gulf Spill (which happened not long after the Obama administration talked about opening up the east coast to drilling due it being ‘safe”) that we find the Obama administration opening up oil and gas drilling on the extremely sensitive North Slope waters.

On the shore of Seaview Park in West Seattle, a group of young activists stand behind a row of bright yellow kayaks.  Most of them are new to boating. An instructor from Alki Kayak Tours gives a safety briefing before they head out for a sunset paddle.  While the excursion has the trappings of a simple evening kayak instructional class, it is anything but. This class is a training session for “Kayaktavists.” And they are putting in practice time before Big Oil arrives in the Puget Sound. Bellamy Pailthorp reports. (KPLU)

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