New law: Septic system inspections required at time of property sale in Clallam County – PDN

I was pondering this very issue as I drove through the Sequim valley last week. Thousands of homes, virtually all of them on septic systems, and the knowledge that the beaches around the Dungeness estuary, Spit and surrounding areas are often closed to shellfish harvest because of fecal coliform levels. While many, if not most septics are fine, having at least a check every time a sale is transacted is a good start.  The thing to remember is that there is groundwater under there. At some point a failing system is likely to affect it.

A septic system inspection will be required at the time of a property sale under a revised Clallam County sewage code that takes effectThursday (May 1). 


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  1. Cannot believe this wasn’t already a requirement. And while they are at it, shouldn’t all homeowners on septic be required to submit inspection reports to the county at least every 3 years or so?!?!

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