Geoducks test OK, but what’s behind Chinese ban? – Puget Sound Blogs

Chris Dunagan explores the Chinese geoduck ban. Very good read on this issue. This gives the overview on what else besides actual supposed high levels of arsenic might be at play here, and some thoughts from university and government officials.

Now it is up to Chinese officials to decide upon shellfish imports to their country, as uncomfortable as that may be for U.S exporters. I’ve begun to learn about international trade policies to better understand the confusing actions of Chinese health authorities. Chris Dunagan blogs on the intricacies of international trade warfare.

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  1. From recent reports in Seattle Times, the difference lies in what the Chinese EAT…and they eat the skin and gut of the geoduck…while the Americans eat and TEST only the meat. Report yesterday was that when skin and gut are included in the testing, the arsenic level is indeed over their limit. This doesn’t justify their blanket boycott of everything else though…and it’s a tremendous hit on the WA economy.

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