New Born Orca Washes up Dead on Dungeness Spit

From OrcaNetwork: Sad news from Brad Hanson of NOAA’s Northwest Fisheries Science Center: A newborn male orca calf was found washed up this morning on a beach at Dungeness Spit. The neonate was 2.3 meters (7.5 feet) long, and was found only a day or two after death. The body was taken to Seattle for a necropsy to take place tomorrow, but we won’t know if this is a resident or transient orca for a couple of weeks until DNA analysis can be completed. Both residents and transients have been in the general area in the past few days, and there are no recent sightings near Dungeness Spit to help determine the type. If anyone has any photos of the orcas seen in Puget Sound yesterday (Sunday), please send them to Orca Network to possibly identify those whales, and hopefully help identify this newborn orca.

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