-2014 Legislative Update

I think it’s fair to say that not much got accomplished in Olympia this year. Here’s some wrap ups as I get them.

From People For Puget Sound- Washington Environmental Council

Thank you for all your support on the Oil Transportation Safety Bill, HB 2347 during the legislative session. This bill generated a lot of conversation, media, and bipartisan interest and your engagement in this was invaluable. In fact, you were joined with elected officials from Whatcom to Grays Harbor to Clallam Counties to the City of Spokane to east King County.

Although our bill died in the Senate after passing out of the House, including getting funding allocated in the House, we succeeded in garnering lots of bipartisan support and elevating the oil transport in WA issue among all legislators, the media, public and local elected officials.

As a result of all this heightened awareness, the content of our bill was alive to the very end of session.  And, there were even several other bills on the topic, although none as comprehensive or action-oriented as our bill.  Session ended with an important step forward – funding a comprehensive study to understand the state’s preparedness and response ability for oil transportation, both on land and in water, and the vulnerabilities we have along with the types of resources we need. The legislature will receive a progress report on this study by December 1, 2014 and final report by March 1, 2015.

This is clearly a multi-year effort and we can’t do this without you. Thank you!

I hope you will continue to lend your help, attention, and support on this matter in 2014 as we build more support and momentum.


Rein Attemann| Puget Sound Advocacy Manager

Washington Environmental Council
phone 206.631.2625 | cell: 206.334.6472 | web www.wecprotects.org
email rein@wecprotects.org
office 1402 3rd Avenue | Suite 1400 | Seattle, WA 9810

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