2012 Legislative Roundup

The 2012  state legislative issues were covered very well by People For Puget Sound. Trying to keep up on them is redundant. Given that P4PS is now out of business and it’s efforts were transferred to WEC, we’ll hope that WEC maintains this web page. It was disappointing to say the least, to see our three ‘environmentally friendly’ legislators do very little to strengthen our environmental protections.


As we said last year, and it is worth repeating again.

We have  attempted to follow the fallout to the environmental protection of the State during this new and disastrous budget year. The vast slashes to the State government that the far right wing of the Republican party has been calling for in the last decade are at last upon us, visited by an economic crisis and a Democratic governor. How very curious! Hope all of you who have wished for ‘smaller government’ will be quiet now while you wait longer in your ferry lines and pay to access your parks. Welcome to the world of smaller government!

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