UPDATE -Rayonier Mill–Documents on contaminents found

I posted this info during the last week, and received corrections from Hannah Aoyagi at ECY. Hannah had the following to say, so I’ll print both her corrections and the original for clarity:

We have a long and complicated list of documents coming up for the Rayonier Mill Study Area work, but maybe this will help to clarify.

The purpose of the Draft Supplemental Upland Data Collection Technical Memorandum is to summarize the data from recent upland sampling.  Next, these data will be combined with older data (before 2006) to paint a complete picture of contamination in the upland.

This document will be called the Upland Data Summary Report.  Although we have a great deal of data, we can’t make any interpretations until we have the full data set.

On a parallel path, Rayonier will be writing a Marine Data Summary Report.  The two data summary reports together will help Rayonier evaluate cleanup alternatives.  It’s hard to know what’s going to work on the upland without thinking about the marine cleanup, and vice versa, so we have to wait until both reports are done before we can know what cleanup might look like.

Figure 56 is probably the most informative piece for the general public.  We can do more blogs on this topic, too.

One last thing, the last line mentions the soil dioxin levels “throughout Port Angeles”—it actually just covered a four square mile area, including parts of the city and UGA.



Released last week was the 2011/Rayonier Draft Upland Data for the contaminants of concern, from Ecology.  This data is supplemental to the 2006 data.
Rayonier Draft Upland Data Memo

the Figure Section, start on Page 56 to see the test sites.

Yet to come are the Final Reports of
* contaminants throughout the Port Angeles Harbor and delineating which are Rayonier’s
and which are from other sources
* levels of dioxins found in soils throughout Port Angeles (City and UGA areas)


The correct link is below.  The large document takes awhile to load.

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