Sightline Sues Obama Administration over Crude Oil Exports and Illegal Secrecy – Sightline

Good for Siteline. If you haven’t checked them out, please do. I get their morning updates and have contributed to them. An excellent resource.

If the oil industry gets its way, the US will soon begin exporting tankers full of American crude to overseas markets. Although such shipments are for the most part illegal today, the Obama Administration is quietly changing the rules to favor oil exporters. To shed some light on the government’s behavior, the environmental law firm Earthjustice filed a formal Freedom of Information Act request in February on Sightline’s behalf, but it was greeted only by stony silence. So today, Sightline Institute, represented again by Earthjustice, is suing the federal government. We are asking the Courts to force the Obama Administration to do what it was legally required to by March 11: release information about its secretive deals with oil exporters to the public. Eric de Place writes. (Sightline)

Washington state auctions deepwater quotas amid wider geoduck farming push – Undercurrents News

The expansion of geoduck into our waters continues. Regardless of consequences. Follow the money.

The Washington State Department of Natural Resources this month has auctioned 14 quotas for geoduck farming, the Seattle Globalistreported []. The deepwater plots are on privately owned areas around Central Puget Sound, the Hood Canal and Hood Head East, the news outlet reported. The industry has also been attempting to increase harvests on private tidelands, and this year is the first time that state-owned lands will be leased for aquaculture, the news outlet reported. (Undercurrent News)

Starfish Are Still Disappearing From Northwest Waters – Earthfix

Catching up on this since I’m back from vacation.

A couple of years ago, divers in Puget Sound began to notice something odd: Starfish were disappearing. The sea creatures would get sores and then melt into piles of mush. Sea star wasting syndrome is a gruesome disease and it spread to starfish all along the West Coast. Scientists still don’t know a lot about it. Katie Campbell, a reporter for EarthFix and KCTS9, says that although scientists have isolated the cause, the creatures continue to die.  Katie Campbell and Isolde Raftery report. (EarthFix)

Pope urges revolution to save Earth, fix ‘perverse’ economy – AP

Even the Pope is onboard. Time is running out. From 6/18.

Pope Francis called Thursday for a bold cultural revolution to correct what he calls the “structurally perverse” economic system of the rich exploiting the poor that is turning Earth into an “immense pile of filth.” In a sweeping manifesto aimed at spurring action in U.N. climate negotiations, domestic politics and everyday life, Francis explains the science of global warming, which he blames on an unfair, fossil fuel-based industrial model that he says harms the poor most. Citing Scripture and past popes’ and bishops’ appeals, he urges people of all faiths and no faith to undergo an awakening to save God’s creation for future generations. It’s an indictment of big business and climate doubters alike. Nicole Winfield, Rachel Zoll and Seth Borenstein report. (Associated Press)

Time for Buzzing Off – Eye On the Environment

Eye on the Environment blogger Laurie McBride discusses changes she’s seeing in her local hummingbird populations. You too?

It seems quieter around our house than usual, and I think I know the reason: in the last day or two, Buzzy (shown above – click on photo to enlarge) and the other adult male Rufous hummingbirds appear to have taken off on their southern journey. They’ll be heading over to the Rockies, where they’ll tank up on wildflower nectar, then on to Mexico – completing a 4000+ mile-long, clockwise circuit of the continent.

That trip began earlier this year, when Buzzy and his buddies travelled up the Pacific coast from their winter home. They arrived here in early March to stake out their breeding territories, and immediately started making their presence known with steep dives, loud chirps and a rattling buzz aimed to intimidate any creature, large or small (including resident humans).


The Puget Sound Partnership will soon be updating the Puget Sound Action Agenda, the plan that describes the priorities for actions that will help to recover Puget Sound. To lay the groundwork for the update, we are asking for the public’s input on the results of a series of meetings and discussions about the update.

In April, we convened three workgroups of independent experts and practitioners who volunteered to review and update three strategic initiatives that help to focus and hone the many possible actions that could take place through the Action Agenda. These three strategic initiatives address the most pressing environmental issues in Puget Sound:

  • Protecting and restoring habitat
  • Preventing pollution from stormwater
  • Recovering shellfish beds
The workgroups met several times in April and May, and staff from the Puget Sound Partnership facilitated the meetings and summarized the discussions and the resulting recommendations. These recommendations are now available online for public review and comment. Online public comments are accepted through July 10, 2015.

After the public has had an opportunity to comment, the recommendations will be presented to the Puget Sound Partnership Science Panel, Ecosystem Coordination Board, Salmon Recovery Council, and Leadership Council. Once the recommendations are reviewed and receive final approval from the Leadership Council, they will be used to develop the criteria for actions that can be begun or completed within the next two years.

Why it matters

This recommendation will also inform how Local Integrating Organizations (LIOs) – made up of local governments, tribes, nonprofits, citizens, business and a variety of interest groups — work together to plan for and propose Near Term Actions they hope to receive funding for in the 2016-17 biennium. The Near Term Action proposals need to be submitted to the Puget Sound Partnership for review by its Management Conference this coming December to be considered for inclusion in the 2016-17 Puget Sound Action Agenda.

What’s next

After the Leadership Council reviews and approves any changes to the scope of the three strategic initiatives, the process of selecting Near Term Actions that will be included in the 2016-17 Action Agenda can begin.

Additional comments or recommendations can be provided via in-person public testimony at the following meetings:

  • Science Panel, June 24, 2015, at Western Washington University, Viking Union 565, Bellingham
  • Ecosystem Recovery Board, July 8, 2015, at Edmonds City Hall, Brackett Room, 121 Fifth Ave. N., Edmonds
  • Leadership Council, July 29, 2015, at the Legislative Building, Columbia Room, 416 Sid Snyder Ave. S.W., Olympia.

The draft 2016-17 Action Agenda, including Near Term Actions, will be available for public comment in the spring of 2016.

Teamsters and Turtles –Together At Last – Concert on July 6

A Concert with Anne Feeney & Dana Lyons

Date & Time: July 6, 2013 7PM

Venue: Olympic Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Hall

Venue Address: 73 Howe Road, Agnew

Admission by Donation

Iconic environmental singer Dana Lyons teams up with notorious labor hellraiser Anne Feeney to launch Teamsters and Turtles – Together at Last! Starting in Bellingham, WA July 1st and sweeping south to Oregon, with the Agnew/Port Angeles the only north-peninsula stop, the duo will dispel the myth that unions are at odds with environmentalists. They will accomplish this with song and story. How likely is this tour to bring labor activists and environmentalists into a huge movement for justice, peace, equality, and sustainability? Come to their show and find out!

Hellraiser Anne Feeney

Pittsburgh-based agitator Anne Feeney performs music that she says is designed to “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.” Not many women have chosen to walk the path of Woody Guthrie, but Feeney has made a career of it for the past 35 years.

“Anne Feeney is the best labor singer in North America.”

Utah Phillips

Eco Troubadour Dana Lyons

Dana Lyons is the singer/songwriter best known for his outrageous hit comedy songs “Cows With Guns,” “RV” and “Ride The Lawn.”

“Every movement has its minstrel. The unions had Woody Guthrie. The peace movement had Phil Ochs. The environmental movement has Dana Lyons”.

Captain Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Details for upcoming shows can be found at

Contact Anne Feeney

Contact Dana Lyons at


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