More on Navy Electronic Warfare Plans

One of our correspondents did some digging today. Thanks to L.P.  Here’s the report:

I just got a call from John Mosher, Navy Project Manager for that “electronic warfare testing project” reported in the Forks Forum. He had just received a similar call from someone in Forks so he knew my concerns – he confirmed that there was no posting of the project info or comment period for project, in particular in Forks Forum or PDN.

At first he started out defending the project, saying there were going to be 15 sites, only 3 of which were in an area east of Forks “far from the town, in the remote mountains of the Olympic National Forest.”  The sounds were to be emitted from a vehicle, only after it had been ascertained that “no people or animals were nearby.”  I pointed out that was impossible in the terrrain he described.  I also explained that what might seem remote to someone in an office was not remote to the people of Forks who have made/are making their living by logging and collecting salal.  The forest is their “neighborhood.”

I asked whether the Environmental Assessment and the Navy’s Declaration of Non-Significance are posted on the web and he gave me this link

But when I went there it had lots of old postings with meaningless titles and didn’t see anything that obviously related to this issue.   Unfortunately I didn’t get his contact info but he’s on the Whidbey Island base outside of Oak Harbor.

As we finished he did say that our phone comments now were being made note of, not in the official Comments on those documents but they may be taken into account for “further outreach.”  He did say “I can say that I now wish we had posted the information locally.

So it seems that yes, the Navy is up to something out near Forks, that it involves some kind of electronic warfare testing that involves sound emission, not clear if it’s something that is sonic, ultrasonic or electro magnetic. We hope that a larger news agency with staff might follow up on this issue.

Navy Planning on Electronic Warfare Exercises Near Forks – No warning to locals – Forks Forum

Apparently the Navy is planning on conducting unannounced Electronic Warfare Exercise in rural areas around Forks sometime in the near future. The exercises will include some kind of electromagnetic radiation exposure, that the Navy intends to stop if humans are found in the area. WTF?

Discussed in the Forks Forum,, this training exercise, which was ‘publicized’ in news outlets far from the affected areas, is somehow secret, yet needing local approval. According to the article, local politicians in Forks are unaware of the activity.

You can read the whole story at the link above, but if you want to call and complain, here’s the info:

Call Dean Millett at 374-1222 or Charles Escola (Navy-Silverdale) at 360-396-0069 or Leslie Yuenger, Northwest Public Affairs Officer (Navy) 360-396-6387.

So today you marched…now what?

Millions of people came out today (Sunday) to march to tell the elected officials in WA DC, that we demand real change on the environment.  Real progress to move the needle from imminent human ecological disaster to at least a plan to get us headed a right way. Maybe something minor, like Germany has done, actually moving themselves to well over 30% of their energy being generated by non fossil fuels. Can you imagine if we got that far? We are less than 3% now! Oh sorry, I didn’t include all the fracked energy that our elected officials pretend is “renewable”. Or the food products that we are turning into fuel for our cars. Get real!

But as we saw during Viet Nam, one march isn’t going to change the world. It took years of marches. Let me repeat. Years of marches.

But wait, it was an egomaniac point of view to think that we, here in the US, stopped the Viet Nam War. Nope. We significantly influenced our politicians, but the real people who stopped it, were the Viet Cong and North Viet Namese. The people who went out there and fought the battles on the ground. While we certainly aren’t advocating that kind of warfare, the issue here is that someone has to actually get out and do something more than march. Today’s analogy is to get the right folks elected, and the wrong folks voted out. That includes Democrats upholding the status quo,  that pretend they are for environment regs when they only say that to get elected.

We have to educate and help the Chinese and Indians (in India) to figure out better ways to get modern than burn  the remaining fossil fuels on the planet. That’s called *environmental education* and maybe paying for ads on Chinese TV is a start. But wait! They are leading the way in solar installations! Where is the US? Far down the pack. Who really needs the education? Them or us?

Here in the US, we have to stop pretending we are leaders in anything, other than great ideas. We are trailing across the board on climate change issues, but remember, we are what the rest of much of the world wants to emulate. If we can’t clean up our own house, we can’t expect them to follow suit. Unless, sorry to say, it’s us following them.

But I’m hopeful! Why? Because if there is anything we humans can brag about  to the rest of the animal kingdom, it’s that we are supremely clever. When we want something, we will figure out a way to get it. So let’s just take 100 years and say we need to fix the planet, rather than go to another one. That we will stop fighting long enough to fix what is broken here. Now.

As the kids say, “If wishes were fishes.”  We can’t wish ourselves out of this. We have to do the heavy lifting. And now that you have your walking shoes on for the march, it’s time to keep moving. You don’t need to get on a boat to head off the arctic whalers with Greenpeace. You have experience, or at  least a lot of stamina if you are young and without a specific talent. You know your strengths. Play to them.  You know the things to do in your community. You live there. Do what you are good at to do good. Change your own community first. Hell, write your own blog. Produce your own movie. Don’t wait for me or anyone else. But most of all, change the status quo.

If you are going to march, you can’t stop there. You have to do a long walk. You’ll need more than one pair of shoes to get to where we are going. You’ll need hip boots to wade through all the bs you will encounter in the way. You’ll need fast shoes to outrun the ones trying to stop you.  It’s a long way to the end of that road. But the real fun in is in the travels. Now that we’ve seen that you can march, let’s see if you can travel. See you on the road.

Northern lights: Auroras expected after 2 huge solar flares erupt – CBC

Look to the skies tonight. We have the weather to see them.

Two powerful blasts from the sun are hurtling towards Earth, and may generate beautiful auroras as far south as Pennsylvania tonight and tomorrow night – along with possible power and communications disruptions. “A G3 (Strong) Geomagnetic Storm Watch has been issued for September 13th due to the combined influence of these two events,” reported the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center in Boulder, Colo. early Thursday morning. It recommended looking for possible auroras both Thursdayand Friday night. (CBC)

Cliff Mass and hot air – opinion

Last week, regional meteorologist Professor Cliff Mass, called into question the reality of ocean acidification, along with restating his claims that climate change is nothing to worry about anytime soon.

As to his analysis that ocean acidification doesn’t effect us here because of the court filings of the EPA I can confidently state that no one that I’ve contacted that he points to agrees with his conclusions. His misreading of the lawsuit by the Natural Resource Defense Council, and counter suit filings by the State and EPA, is twisting of facts to suit his arguement. He goes on to make points that the whole thing is only being used as a fundraising tool by environmental and grant funding tool by shellfish companies.

My contacts at Taylor Shellfish clearly stated he misinterpreted anything that they told him. They believe Ocean Acidification is real, and a threat to their very business. As to root causes of it, and possible solutions, no one yet has definitive answers, but a lot of people are looking at what those might be. As science should. The suit by the NRDC is stating that they already know enough to take action, while the US EPA and State EPA claim otherwise. To draw the conclusion that they don’t believe it exists from these court filings is absurd.

There has been a poster on the web recently, stating, “If 97% of structural engineers told you that a specific bridge was going to collapse if you drove your car over it, would you trust your life and the lives of your children to the other 3%?”  And the water planners in California, and homeless “climate refugees” in the Methow here in Washington, who have been wiped out by a fire the likes of which has never been seen in the generations that Europeans have been living there, can probably attest, that something is happening here that is outside the box of normal environmental scenarios. 97% of the scientists who study these things call it Climate Change. And they are in agreement over the root cause. It’s man made.

The NOAA web site for Ocean Acidification can be found on Facebook.

And the web site if you aren’t allowing yourself to be monitored for targeted advertising on Facebook.

Here’s the science standing in stark contrast to the outlier, Professor Mass.

climate change

A great short video on Climate Change education

Four minutes of fun. Just watch it. Great message. 

New Fishing Rule Protects Endangered Seabird – AP

New laws proposed to protect the short-tailed albatross.

Federal fisheries managers are proposing to require West Coast commercial fishermen who unroll long lines of baited hooks on the ocean bottom to also tow long lines of fluttering plastic to scare off seabirds trying to steal the bait. The proposed rule published Tuesday in the Federal Register is designed to protect the endangered short-tailed albatross, which once numbered in the millions but is down to about 1,200 individuals. (Associated Press)


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