Dabob Bay Aquatic Reserve Proposal Withdrawn by DNR

This was sent to me today.  Looks like someone had some significant concerns. More to come…

This email is in regard to the Department of Natural Resources’ proposed Aquatic Reserve at Dabob Bay. The reserve proposal is being withdrawn at this time.  DNR is withdrawing the proposal based on significant concerns that were expressed during early outreach to key stakeholders. State-owned aquatic lands will continue to be managed to provide a high level of resource protection in Dabob Bay.

I’m happy to answer any further questions you have.

Thank you,

Birdie Davenport

Aquatic Reserves Program Manager

Department of Natural Resources

Aquatic Resources Division

Washington House Democrats Say ‘Yes’ To Capital Gains Tax, ‘No’ To Cap-And-Trade- NW News Network

I don’t know if the Republicans will support this, but I view it as a positive approach to raising taxes. I agree that Cap and Trade does not seem to be an effective way to solve the problem, from the solutions I’ve seen. I’d rather see the state raise the money by taxing the capital gains of people who primarily end up playing the markets. It’s not much, and only affects the wealthiest of the State. It will help fund what we need in this state. With an ever growing population that demands more services from government, that seems fair to me.

Majority Democrats in the Washington state House have unveiled a proposed two-year, nearly $39 billion state budget and tax package. They embraced Governor Jay Inslee’s push for a state capital gains tax, but they’re not biting on the Democratic governor’s cap-and-trade proposal. The capital gains proposal House Democrats offered was slimmed down a bit — a five percent tax rate instead of the governor’s seven percent. Austin Jenkins reports. (NW News Network)


Algae into energy: New process studied at Sequim lab could lead to mass production of fuel while lowering carbon dioxide from the air -PDN

Research on algae fuel.

Scientists at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s Marine Sciences Laboratory are working to develop a new, low-cost process to draw carbon dioxide out of the air to grow algae that can be refined into alternative gasoline and jet fuel. The beauty of fuel derived from algae is that it is “carbon-neutral,” meaning that the amount of carbon dioxide, or CO2, released when it is burned is equivalent to the amount the algae consumes during growth.  If it were cheap enough to be in mass production, algae-derived fuel could, scientists say, put the brakes on emission into the atmosphere of CO2, which accounted for 82 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions in the United States in 2012, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Chris McDaniel reports. (Peninsula Daily News)


German Solar Age’s First Eclipse Passes with Brief Surge in Power Price – REW.COM

As we move into an ‘age of renewable energy” the voices of the petroleum and nuclear industries  have attempted to use the solar eclipse of the last week as a means of inducing fear about blackouts to the general population. This article shows what small effect the eclipse had on Germany, which is the country currently using the most solar power in the developed world. Their ability to fall back on existing hyrdopower, as well as restart some idle coal and gas power plants show that we can get through this ok with renewables. I have no doubt that we can keep coal and gas powered plants around for some decades in idle modes, for just such emergencies, without significant harm to the environment. But there seems no reason not to continue to push forward with renewables, especially given the worsening climate situation, as massive storms such as once again have hit the South Pacific, (stronger than Katrina),  the ongoing drought that threatens the most important state in the US, California, and the deteriorating condition of the Pacific Ocean off our coast. Recently, in addition to thousands of dying birds, hundreds of sea lions have been washing up dead from starvation off California’s coast. We are witnessing something quite extraordinary and moving towards ending our reliance on fossil fuel is more important than ever.

 Power prices in Germany fluttered as the first eclipse of the emerging solar age passed and utility operators worked overtime to keep the grid supplied.


State board dismisses challenges to Jefferson County Shoreline Management Program; one petitioner may appeal – PDN

Having been a member of the ~20 person Shoreline Policy Advisory Committee (a non technical citizens’ advisory team), I’m very gratified that the work we did over almost 7 years, has been upheld by the Growth Management Board. We knew we weren’t doing anything that was not capable of being upheld in court, and we have been proven correct. This is also time for a thanks to Michelle McConnell for her expert guidance of the almost 40 person team of volunteer advisors through the process. Now I hope the County has the capability of doing as good a job on the new Critical Areas Ordinance.

The state Growth Management Hearings Board has dismissed 19 challenges to the newly enacted Jefferson County Shoreline Management Program. The decision, issued Monday, said “the board concludes that petitioners failed to provide clear and convincing evidence demonstrating the challenged action.” The challenges the plan enacted in February were made by three petitioners: Hood Canal Sand and Gravel — which may appeal, a spokesman said — the Olympic Stewardship Foundation and the Jefferson County chapter of the Citizens Alliance for Property Rights. Charlie Bermant reports. (Peninsula Daily News)


Warm Ocean Temperatures Could Mean Trouble For Marine Life – KUOW

Things are changing far faster than hoped for or even anticipated. It seems that we are in for a very unusual year.  There is just no way for many creatures to cope with this fast a change.

It’s a double-whammy kind of year for the Pacific. An unusually warm winter in Alaska failed to chill ocean waters. Then this winter’s El Nino is keeping tropical ocean temperatures high. Combine these and scientists are recording ocean temperatures up to 7 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than average off the coasts of Oregon and Washington. Jes Burns reports. (KUOW)


SFU prof Tim Takaro gets in trouble for taking photos near Kinder Morgan site – CBC

The Canadian Government and the RCMP employ techniques that would make a communist dictator like Stalin proud, all in an  attempt to intimidate a professor who happened to take photos of a proposed controversial pipeline route . This outrageous behavior is indicative of the ongoing decline in democracy for the sake of business profits in what was once one of the most progressive nations on earth. The majority of Canadian citizens continue to appear sleep walk into a what can only be considered by tactics like this to be  a future totalitarian state.

A B.C. climate change scientist says he got an “intimidating” call from RCMP because he had taken pictures on Burnaby Mountain near the site of a proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline. Tim Takaro, a health sciences professor at SFU, says he was having lunch in Tofino with his family on Wednesday when his daughter’s cellphone rang…. He says the officer asked him if he had recently had been taking photos near a TransMountain pipeline work site on Burnaby Mountain. They also told him they knew he had been to protest rallies that had taken place there a few months earlier. (CBC)



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